Getting started with crochet – yarn and hooks

Are you wondering where to start with your crochet? What yarn and hooks should you use?

Let me share with you my tips on where to start looking and how to find the right hooks for you and the right yarn for your projects.

Where do I start? 

First of all you need some crochet hooks! For your first projects, a size 4mm hook is great. It’s a comfortable size; not too big and not too small.

Check if you already have one at home, or if you have a friend or family member who has one you can borrow. I’d recommend borrowing to start with just in case you change your mind about crochet for any reason (although I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!).

You can get bamboo or metal crochet hooks. Try out both to see which one feels most comfortable for you. Personally, I prefer the bamboo hooks and I have two sets.

When I was learning, I went to the John Lewis Haberdashery on Bond Street to pick out single hooks of differing styles to find out what worked best for me. These are the ones that I picked out to try:

  1. Prym Bamboo Crochet Hook 4mm
  2. Pony Metal Crochet Hook 4mm

Once I decided on my favourite type (bamboo), I bought two sets from Amazon, and these are the links:

  1. Fusion Set of 12 Carbonized Bamboo Crochet Hooks – these ones are currently on sale for £5.55
  2. 16 Piece Bamboo Crochet Hooks – these ones are currently £4.72

I bought two sets to give myself a nice full range and also it means that I can usually leave my hooks in projects that I’m part-way through as I have two of the most commonly used sizes.

Yarn – do you have any spare yarn at home? If not, I’d recommend a DK weight yarn like Paton’s Fab yarn as a starting point; it’s great for a 4mm hook and is a robust but yet soft yarn. It’s brilliant for beginner  projects. Again, I’d recommend picking up just one ball of yarn and see how you get on! Pick out a fun colour to make your first project as enjoyable as possible.

Check out John Lewis’ stock of DK Yarn, I started out with Patons.

Learning can feel a little slow at times, but I promise, once you learn all the basic stitches, you’ll be much faster! I find learning new things quite therapeutic, as you have to focus purely on what you’re doing, so there’s a little added bonus of taking up crochet as a new hobby ❤

Other accessories to get you started:  you’ll also need a pair of scissors to cut your yarn and a need with a large eye to use to weave in loose ends.

Next blog post: learning stitches…

My YouTube page has lots of ‘how-to’ videos to get you started with a slip knot, foundation chain and stitches, so make sure you head over there once you have your yarn and hook. 


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