Getting started with crochet stitches

First of all, learn how to make a slip knot.

Once you’ve mastered that, you can begin a foundation chain.

Check out my YouTube channel for videos to get you started. 

Practice slip knot and foundation chain a few times so you’re comfortable with your technique. The more you practice, the more you’ll find a natural position for holding your hook and yarn. You’ll see from my videos and pictures how I hold my yarn, but don’t worry if you’re holding it slightly differently, so long as your end result is the same.

When you’re learning the basics, you might want to reuse your yarn for your practice; this is really easy to do, just take your hook away from your yarn and pull your yarn tail to unravel. This is a good cost-efficient way to learn to crochet, as well as not having to end up with lots of practice pieces everywhere!

Remember that there is both UK and US terminology for crochet. Always double check which terminology your pattern is using! In this guide, I’ll give you both terms, but please also check out my terminology blog post.

The first stitch you’ll want to learn is the US Single Crochet/UK Double Crochet.

The next stitch you’ll want to learn is the US Double Crochet/UK Treble Crochet. This is a slightly looser stitch than the US SC/UK DC and is another very common crochet stitch that you’ll find in many projects.

If you’ve completed all of the above, then you’ve made great progress on the road to becoming a master of crochet!

Cup of Crochet x


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